Things You Should Know When Choosing a Technical Partner for Your Business

Big concepts need massive measures. regardless of how great your plan is or what an excellent professional you’re, you can’t do everything yourself. You don’t need to fail completely before your product is even able to hit the market, right? Besides, you must be ready to take a step back and look at your product from a distance to check the larger picture. this can be why you wish to search out a technical partner for a project. The one who are reliable; a vendor which will develop your product from scratch and support you all the way through.

Obviously, you don’t just provides it away to any cluster of people to develop. once you’re searching for a startup technical partner to develop a complex web and/or mobile solution for you, you would like the result to fulfill, or better however, exceed your expectations.

In most cases, finding a technical partner for your startup which will be right only for you becomes your key to a booming project and any on, the life of your startup. however precisely does one choose a development team? however does one understand if the corporate you’re observing has the required resources to urge your project done, and maintain and support it once launch? begin with a list of aspects that require to be looked at.

How does one find an honest Development Team? determine who they’re, What They understand, and the way They Work

When selecting a development team, it’s not only necessary to understand that it’s able to meet competition, however also how the team works from the within, what they will provide, that technology and consultants, etc. So, what are the main criteria to seem at?
Human Resources

People are the foremost valuable part of any venture; nobody can argue with that. It’s vital to examine how many individuals make up the team, and what their skills and specializations are; also, if there are enough consultants for a full project development cycle, and if someone’s missing, if the corporate will quickly find good assistance on the skin.

Check what kind of specialists the company offers, so ideally you get people to provide full-stack services related to:

Business and Technology Consultancy: Discovery phase – exploring possibilities, analyzing the needs of the business and your needs, understanding how they’re going to be implemented, choosing the right business model, market and competitors’ research; determining the necessary technology stack, cooperation model, as well as the project development process.
Web Development: Building web applications ranging from lightweight MVPs to complex and custom solutions, as well as an ability to tackle any engineering challenges and satisfy all the most demanding requests.
Mobile App Development: Development of both native and cross-platform apps.
UX/UI Design: Creating human-centered, research-based, scalable interfaces following the best UX/UI practices.
Data Science: Extracting the necessary data from data in any form by applying scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems.
Quality Assurance: An irreplaceable part of the development process, which must be present during the whole development cycle to make sure that the delivered product corresponds to requirements and industry standards.
DevOps: DevOps approach allows to save up to 90% efforts spent on deployment and server maintenance. It reduces time to market by up to 50% and helps to identify quality concerns earlier.

Consequently, as soon as you start, you ought to get access to your own dedicated team of specialists that may cover all bases – from business analysts to project managers, from software engineers to UI/UX designers, from QA engineers to data science consultants, from ml and AI consultants to DevOps engineers. This way, no matter huge plans you’ve got, they’ll be able to develop your product from scratch.

Areas of expertise

Any proud, full-service development company by currently ought to have gotten to the level at that they not only bluntly build a product, however conjointly guide their partner and consult on a way to build and scale a triple-crown business around this explicit piece of package. who is aware of the product higher than the people that created it?

Therefore, an honest technical partner for a startup ought to be able to give you facilitate with selecting the correct business model, and analyzing the market and your main opponents for instance. at WebFusion, we specialist in several domains and might take care that we’ve got enough expertise and knowledge to be a guide in that area.

Before you go to any extent further, take care to examine if your potential technical partner covers your branch. Also, observe their experiences during this specific direction, alternative comes they’ve been a region of, and alternative product they need developed. be happy to contact corporations your future partner has worked with before and acquire some feedback, check for reviews online, etc.

If you wish to see how up-to-date the company’s experts area unit, look into their achievements in cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, bi data, AI, NLP, Cloud/SaaS, Mobile Technologies, or Fintech.

If you are taking fintech development, as an example, it’s a technology that needs a deep understanding of the domain, terminology, all the various notions, wants of the end users, and even the peculiarities of states that the product will work in. On high of it, fintech needs thinking outside the box and creating some big decisions, as it’s a branch that’s supported security and top-notch technologies. this means that if you’re a fintech company trying to develop a product, otherwise you operate in another business with similar needs, you have got to pay special attention to the vendor’s previous experiences.

Having a good speak with the corporate specialists won’t solely show you their understanding of different industries, however conjointly what proportion attention they pay to client details.

Finding a trustworthy startup partner isn’t forever easy, and you have got to take care that even though you lack some information in some business domains, your partner’s team are going to be ready to fill within the gaps any time and assist you deliver the goods your goals with pride and with grace. Don’t be afraid to figure with a team that knows a lot more than you! This would possibly open new doors and views within the development process.

Transparency and management

Regardless of your background and level and space of experience, you may likely expect from your future technology partner a well-defined, transparent, economical and straightforward to know development method from the terribly first step. check that you and your partner area unit on a similar page regarding product needs and goals, and your partner’s team is ready to produce all necessary documentation and access to tools.

To do so, you’ll be able to conduct what we tend to decision the Pre-Development Phase:

Start Your Project With The Pre-DeveIopment Stage

  1. Analyze initial project requirements and additional information.
  2. Research market and competitors.
  3. Choose the right business model.
  4. Select the most suitable third-party systems.
  5. Define scope for MVP or first release.
  6. Configure and set up the tools necessary for delivery, management, and implementation.
  7. Get access to tools like Jira, Slack, or GitHub to have to ability to supervise all the processes.

If an organization isn’t able to offer you access to the development method of your product therefore you’ll get standing updates anytime you wish, you ought to keep searching for a a lot of clear technical partner to figure with – most likely, it’ll be somebody following Agile/Scrum methodology.

Anyway, having finished the Pre-Development Stage, you ought to have a more correct estimate, a a lot of comprehensive scope of labor, and drafts associated with the backlog, scheduling, and implementation steps.

Part of this method are differing types of commitments and reports. These ought to guarantee timely implementation of various phases and approaching problems that will arise.

  • Sprint Commitment contains the sprint goals, start and finish date, duration, the list of options we’ve committed to delivering throughout the present sprint, and data about team capability.
  • Sprint Report shows the list of problems in every sprint, the list of options that were with success completed or not completed during the various sprint, and a deviation between original and spent efforts.
  • Project Report provides the client with the detailed explanation of the ultimate result of the project.

Reports may sound a bit like a drag, but they are vital to keep track of every step of the way. Make sure you settle on what information every report will give you.

Not only detailed and timely reports contribute to transparency. A reliable vendor should be able to provide access to numerous project management tools:

  • Jira – issue tracking and filling the gap between project managers and developers.
  • Slack – internal messaging and progress updates, code updates, deployments, system alerts, etc.
  • Github – code management, using branches, code review, PEP8, and internal code convention. All code should be maintained and well documented.
  • CircleCI – continuous integration and delivery platform. All code repositories are linked to CircleCI to check the code after every new update and make sure it passes all the predefined tests.
  • Docker/Ansible/Fabric/lxd – creating, deploying, and running applications.
  • New Relic – application performance monitoring. It shows the state of all servers and ensures their timely responses.
  • Sentry – real-time error tracking. It gives insight into production deployments
    and information to reproduce and fix crashes.

  • Confluence – project documentation management. Good understanding of how things work helps build great products. As a result, rich documentation can be created.

Every expertise is a sensible one, that is why at the end of every project, you raise your tech partner to seem back at what the two of you have done (unless, of course, your partner doesn’t counsel it to you yourself!). Together, you’ll analyze what processes and activities were successful, and that weren’t. this may enable each of you to form improvements and draw lessons that may assist you in future comes.

Personal Responsibility

Good vendors don’t simply develop a product and leave you hanging. They respect their client’s desires and are able to go the additional mile to deliver the answer at intervals the desired timeline and budget. Or higher yet, to deliver even additional. They’ll assist you with support and maintenance when launch as a result of it’s their product too.

Highly trained professionals have enough expertise to understand their clients’ business processes, determine their pain points, and traumatize them quickly and effectively. once the project is wrapped up with success, it’s not solely an excellent reward for everybody concerned, but also nice advertising for the team that worked thereon.

Quality management

Obviously, each sensible development team needs to deliver a high-quality product. To do so, they have a clearly outlined strategy, take a look at situations, and a scientific methodology that may lead the thanks to the simplest attainable result.

Make sure your potential partner has clear ways that to manage quality and has skillful QA engineers to supply quality assurance on every section of the code development lifecycle. ensure they need everything coated, from take a look ating the business plan to User Acceptance test and analysis of real users’ feedback.

Demand an in depth outline of activities and take a look at set up for your project, again, for transparency.

Maintenance and Support

One factor in common for several firms operating with new school partners is that the worry to be left on their own when product launch. raise your merchant however they’ll support you during this case, with maintenance, quantifiability, market promotion, analytics, etc.

For instance, we tend to at Webfusion have purchasers that primarily became family over the years. We’ve been operating with MoneyPark since 2012 – along we tend to went through several changes within the digital world and keep faithful one another.

Talking concerning us, we tend to work with totally different|completely different} purchasers and different comes, begin them from scratch, likewise as give support and maintenance on completely different development stages. we tend to treat our client’s merchandise like our own. we tend to had to traumatize tasks of various degrees of complexness, and we’re proud to mention that our experience has ne’er unsuccessful our purchasers. This can be what your future technology partner ought to be like, too – clever, resilient, loyal. So, don’t give up your goal to seek out a technical partner that may be good for you, as there ought to be no compromise once it involves a solid product.

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